Combining lines to form rectangular shape

Good morning all,
I am having a problem. I am attemptig to create a 4-sided shape out of curved lines that I created using the line tool. When I select everything and combine them, several lines are moved out of position. Has anyone run into a similar problem? Thanks for the help!

Its probably deleting some lines and closing the path of the other lines.
Can you share the Easel file?
File-Share-Shared with Link-Copy Link-click SAVE-paste Link

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Thank you, here it is.Easel - scallop 1

You’re welcome Thomas,
I tried to join them and it was deleting some lines and closing paths on the others, i played around with it and wasn’t able to get it to work so I exported your image into CorelDraw and joined the lines. On the large one the top wasn’t symmetrically correct so I changed it. I also left the one you had in case that was the way it was supposed to be. Easel is great for what it can do but not always the best program for design work. Something like this would be good to design in InkScape.

Thanks again. I am just getting into using Easel, and design in general. I will definitely get into InkScape. You have been a big help, it is good to know it was not just me.

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