Comments about recent price change

Nobody likes to have to pay more for anything, that is true. However I have recently been seeing a lot of complaints about the pricing and then usually tagged with some other complaints about the way the software works.

Here is my two cents… This software is amazing and quite honestly the development work these guys are doing is nothing short of amazing. It seems like everyday we are getting new features that make my specific work easier or expand my capabilities. Seeing a price increase for me is much easier to swallow when I see that it is coming back to me in enhancements I can directly use.

Appreciate that their approach is to release features as they are tested and then they are immediately available. We do not have to wait for months and years for new versions with ten or twenty new features that make our heads spin.


This is a classic example of the Iron Triangle. Given the option of choosing two from Cheap, Easy and Fast, you can see that Easel falls squarely in the Easy and Fast leg. I would also argue that for the price we are some elements of cheap also.

Keep up the good work guys, anxious for the next release of enhancements!


Easel is so easy to use, there is a huge group of people that would be totally lost who got into CNC with absolutely no clue as to what they are doing. Me being one of them.

This forum has been huge in helping along the way.

Everything we do has a cost associated with it. The Glowforge platform is $50 a month now unless you were legacy and got in on the original platform. Trust me compared to easel you get absolutely nothing with it other than “Faster Server and Storage” no design tools what’s so ever.

I know have Vcarve Desktop to do the 3d but I have no plans to dump Easel, excited to see what they do next.



I value and respect your opinion.

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I have to agree with Steve. I started with Easel about five years ago and I still use it today. I have VCarve Pro and love it. But for the quick project and the ease of design to carve Easel is it. I am excited to see what new features will be added.


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