Commissioned today and first piece is sold!

This was my first serious cut with the machine, and it was for an international order (Australia to England). Took the photo, sent it to the buyer, and she was thrilled! So am I, as it is now sold and on it’s way to the UK haha

For those that are interested, it’s a stand/station for Esential Oil bottles of 3 different diameters, 25mm, 30mm and the big 50mm. The engraving was using just a normal 90° router bit, as my 60° ebgraving bit hasn’t arrived yet, but she and I are both happy!


the shiny bits are not the product of the carve, but remnants of Pale Boiled Linseed Oil, the woodworker’s Essential Oil for wood! The wood is Cypress Pine…

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Whereabouts in Oz are you Peter ? I’m in SW Sydney

400km north west mate, Dubbo central west NSW :slight_smile: