Communicating with xcontroller

I bought my xcarve because I needed a gantry for my senior project. I am not using it as a milling machine however, I am planing on using it with a gripper and camera to perform inspections. My issue is I need to send it gcode for the movements. Can this be done simply by sending packets over USB and does anyone know the syntax to use.

For clarification, I am planing on using labveiw or visual basic for communication with the xcontroller and a gui for the system. There is also a PLC involved but it doesn’t understand USB.

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The Xcontroller works using a USB serial port. It’s all text commands and responses. NI-VISA will easily handle communications with GRBL.

I’ve thought about making a Labview Gcode streamer but I’ve just got no time.

Here is an intro to programming grbl. There are many resources on the internet for using G-code.

thanks for assistance guys. I think i have it figured out.