Community Guidelines Update Regarding Accounts

I have updated the community guidelines today 3-30-18. Each person is only allowed 1 account on this forum. If you have two forum accounts please delete one immediately. If you suspect someone has 2 accounts please PM a moderator and we can perform an investigation and reach out to the individual to close one of the accounts.

Please note this does not apply to Inventables accounts or Easel accounts. There are valid reasons to have more than one Inventables or Easel account such as having one for work and one for home. Forum accounts are linked to Inventables accounts. You are only permitted to have 1 forum account so you will need to choose which Inventables account to link it to.

I myself had 2 accounts because I have one public Inventables accounts for things like demos and one admin account. Today I deactivated the 2nd forum account that I don’t use.


Thanks for updating @Zach_Kaplan I have seen this happening more and more and now I know to reach out to your team if I suspect anything.

To assist the community however is there any way that Inventables can validate users? (I am thinking of twitter and how they use a checkmark to verify that someone is who they say they are) That way if i see a message wih someone that has a checkmark i know i am talking to the right person. Unlike now, i have no idea if someone is who they state themselves to be. I think a lot of the bad feelings on the forum came from a few unsavory folk who were trying to play games and goad people into situations.

Keep fighting the fight…

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Hi @RonSabourin user validation and identity is one of the things on the list to investigate. There are a number of changes that are being planned over time that include evaluating software changes like this one. We decided to start with policy and human resource changes first before making software changes to make sure we are solving the right problems.


How do we delete our superfluous accounts?


Good question, @NeilFerreri . I’d also like to know how to delete an extra forum account.


clever :sunglasses:

If you have two accounts send an email to Customer Success and we can get it taken care of for you.