Community Material Spreadsheet

I created a community material google spreadsheet for the laser cutter group I am a part of and it seemed to be well recieved. I have seen 1 or 2 spreadsheets like this on the forums, but they were for one type of material or never really made publicly accessible and editable by anyone. Mine is different as It is meant to be a living document that anyone can contribute to. I think I have every column we need, but feel free to add more as needed. I hope you all like it and proves to be a great resource for all, veterans and newbies alike.
Said Spreadsheet

Ryan Cannon

Nice @Rcannon95 do you have a link to the laser spreadsheet?

I made it for the 50w-150w lasers from Boss Laser.

Apparently it didn’t copy the sharing settings over, you can edit it now though, I fixed it.

when i look at spreadsheet it is blank is there a link to what has been added? or is this still new

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Still new, I have not gotten around to working outside on the X-Carve in the past month and no on else has added anything.

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