Compact and mobile workbench (R. Paulk style)

Here is my latest project, Paulk style compact and mobile workbench.

For a year or so I used Foldable Sawhorse from HF

Using SketchUp for the first time and after a couple of hours.

I am using 3/4 plywood for the box. 2x3 and 2x6 for the frame.
Just placed order for FEIN Turbo I Vacuum Cleaner for dust control.

Timelapse video of cutting side panels.


Side drawers for PC and tool organizer.

Power distributor for auto Dewalt spindle, vacuum, PC and of-course X-Controller.

Emergency Stop button relocation.

Thanks for watching!


One of the most practical designs for a table I have seen yet. I really like what you did here.


that looks great!

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That’s just beautiful!!

This is incredible. Are you able to share the design for the top, the cut out section? I’ve never done tiling before but you make it look very easy. I must make this! :):grinning:

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