Compensation Program?

Is there a compensation program so we can be reimbursed for all the lumber this thing destroys?

3D image of a wavy flag. 8x12in. Roughing pass finished and I changed the bit to a ball nose for the finish pass. 1.5 hours into that it just stops. No error. No nothing. Are there log files some? Anything?

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You’d want to review the Terms of Service for the software you’re using and the Terms of Sale for the product you’re using.

When the carve ends do you get a “carve complete” page popup like the end of a completed carve? If so then the issue has to do with USB loosing communications.
If not, then the issue has to do with the CNC loosing Power.

Common Causes for power loss:

  1. Static discharge, usually caused by an improperly grounded dust collection system.
  2. underpowered AC system, usually caused by running multiple tools on the same circuit which causes it to overload. OR using a GFCI or AFCI circuit in the shop which trips off and resets.

Common Causes for USB loosing comms:

  1. incorrect PC settings, like Sleep and USB Selective Suspend not disabled as they should be. Make SURE to disable USB selective Suspend: How to Disable USB Selective Suspend and stop your CNC carves from fai – His N Hers Handcrafted
  2. PC not properly supplying a full 5V to the CNC comms chip over the USB cable. This can occur from using too long of a USB cable, OR an older or low end laptop, OR a laptop o battery mode that causes the 5V supplied to drop low. (always plug in the laptop to AC power) (Implement the use of a Externally Powered USB Hub to bump the 5V up to a full 5V)

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