Complete height?

I have an x-carve on the way to me but was wondering…what is the height from tabletop (that the x-carve sits on) to the top of the router? Looks like about 10 or 12".


Well, maybe I should have stated that I did try searching which would have removed all assumptions that I didn’t. So, I will state it here - I did do a search but all I found was reference to carving heights and such (

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The height from the top of the router varies with the length of bit you’re using. You’re 10-12" estimate is pretty close. If you need a specific value repost and I’ll take measurements when I get home.

ah. ok, yea…didn’t think of bit height making it variable. But, your answer is certainly good enough and I appreciate it.

I will be receiving my x-carve in a few weeks and am sketching out a folding table for it. I need some idea of what that height would be to help me visualize its footprint when on its side (e.g. I need to make sure that the router won’t stick out too far and potentially be in the way of getting hit). Even though I was guessing 10-12 my working value has been 14" so I think I am close enough to continue with on. Thanks much!

Just remember that when you fold, you can make the router not be the tallest item and have the Z axis be the tallest part which is the dimension you see in the PDF linked by Bob.

A complete enclosure would need heights based on bit sizes and material thicknesses.

That’s a good point. I didn’t think about removing the router. I was going off the PDF which shows a height coming in slightly over 13" and was - to my lack of completely understanding - not included the router height. I didn’t realize that WAS the z-axis and not the router.

I think I will continue with 14" being my working height for now and will plan on router removal for storage. Of course, no wood will be cut until after I have my x-carve assembled and in front of me…just working on rough drafts right now.

Thanks for pointing that out @JustinBusby,

Just FYI, I wasn’t suggesting removing the router from the mount. I was suggesting removing the bit and jogging the Z axis to a lower point where the top of the router doesn’t extend past the fixed Z axis height.

But you could remove it. It’d be a pain to do every time and you may wear out the threads on the spindle mount but it’s possible.


So you are saying that the maximum hight of your Z-axis changes with the bit that is installed? what type of Z-axis are you using? I have the stock X-Carve Z-axis and the height of the top of the router is the same with or without a bit (My bits go in the bottom). so while the length of the bit can change the depth of cut it never changes the top of the router.

Router all the way up is router all the way up. bit will make no difference in the maximum hight of the router only makes the router reach further down.

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No - what I’m saying is that the distance from the top of the router to the top of the work surface varies when different bits are installed.

that would only be in relation from the top of the material with the bit touching “or workplace zero” not the height from tabletop that the X-carve sits on. which is what the OP was asking.

When you fold it up, be sure to hold the router so that it doesn’t go flying around, or incorporate a locking mechanism for the axes.

Thanks and yea…I was pondering a brace I could install (screw) to the wasteboard, via the threaded inserts, and then slide the Y axis against that before tipping. That support brace could be whatever size and shape I need, would be below the axis bar, and span most of the distance providing even and consistent support (details to be figured out later). Thoughts?