Complicated design help

Good Evening everyone !

i have a design on file that i try to edit and doesn’t seem to work. Any one have suggestion on if i need multi stage carve or different kind of bits. I have 60, 90 v carve bit. I also have etching bits as well. Then i have 1/16th bit as smallest.

I need to try to cut this design for my bestfriend dad as a gift.

@RichardAlmeida it looks like the cut paths are set up incorrectly. For instance in the area that you have blocked around the 2020, while it looks kind of correct in the view on the left, in the detailed preview it doesn’t show as you would expect. That is due to the outline of the numbers being cut on path. The outline should be made with the offsetter tool in the apps, set to clear out the pocket to a depth, then set to be behind the numbers.

In general, this change could drastically help your design.

Thank you so much ! Sorry for late reply. i barely check on this website. I appreciate the advices and will start using this method. @ShaneJamerson