Complicated Design to carve

Good morning everyone,

I need help. I try to do 2 stage carving so things could look cleaner. I used 1/4 bit then use a 90-degree v bit.

What am I doing wrong? Any help or advice is appreciated.

  1. Please share the Easel file so people can look at it; it looks like you might have borders on your shapes that you’re not intending.
  2. It also looks like you might have incorrectly set your depth when you changed bits.

In general, we don’t have enough info here; can you also identify what you think is wrong about it so we can focus?

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You have fills set as outlines (the center of the letters). You have moved the Z setting while changing bits, that’s the reason for the miscuts on the letters. As mentioned above, post the Easel file and we can help you fix it.

here the files guys, sorry for late reply. I just got home from work. I tried to lock my motor but it didnt work in order to get the second bit for detail carving.

Im trying to achieve the look as the easel file is showing. if i can get clean cut like that then the logo be good to go fo paint. Im making it for a client. That what they are expecting the sign to come out as.

You have to share the file once you post it; we can’t see it yet.

how do i do that?

i went to file then hit the share button. it gave me the link which is this

sorry i’m still new to all this.

I would slow it down a bit. I play with my cut settings so I always get a clean up pass on the roughing. I shoot for 2/3 the depth first pass then clean up with the additional 1/3 on the second. Seems to work good for me, I generally use these settings on MDF or PVC.

50/50/.084 or OR 40/40/.084 if my depth is .1.

This seems to work for me. I am sure others will chime in as well

Also be sure to set your depth with your probe as close to the same point for each bit change.

Change the Roughing Cut settings; try Recommended to get started.

In Machine Inspector - console, type $1=255. Then jog in any direction to set this command. This will keep the motors locked and allow easier bit change. You can leave it set, it won’t hurt anything. If you do want to change back, type $1=0. Let us know how it goes