Components in wrong places

I have a DXF I have modified in SketchUp and since I want three different cut depths I have marked those and clicked “Make component”. Then I have saved as DXF, imported to Inkscape and saved it as SVG. When I import the SVG in Easel everthing is there - but all three components are in the lower left corner.

I have tried regular SVG, Inkscape SVG and optimized SVG.

When I look at the saved SVG file in Inkscape everything is in place.

What have I done wrong?

I might guess, nothing. Easel ties it to (0,0). You should be able to move it at will.

If you are talking about the three items being stacked on top of each other, maybe save them as three separate .svg files.

I just watched a video on youtube… (look for sketchup to easal)… after saving in sketchup… go to and open the .svg . you don’t have to do anything to the .svg, just save and then open in easel. the scale from sketchup is was is causing the issue and this will correct it.