Computer freezing during carve

Howdy… having an issue with my Dell Laptop. I have been carving for about a week now… everything is working well with my Asus laptop running windows 10. I have an older Dell …in great shape…had it totally wiped and Windows 7 installed. I wanted to use this old laptop out in my garage and have a dedicated laptop. I got everything loaded…and everything seemed to be carving just fine… but then the program seemed to freeze. The router just stopped at one spot and stayed there as it ran. I had to shut everything down and try again… and the same thing happened…but at a different point. I shut everything down…tried it the next day… and the same thing…about 10-15 mins into the carve. I checked my setting… and it is not going to sleep. Not sure what it is. Anyone out there have this happen to them…or anyone have any suggestions? I am back to carving with my Asus laptop… but I would really like to get this one working properly.
Thanks… Chuck Lyons

Hello Chuck,

I have not had this happen to me but remember reading somewhere in another thread to check and see if you have power management turned on for the USB port itself.

USB Power

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Thanks…didn’t think of that… but I checked it and it is Ok. Darn… hoping that was it. I appreciate you thinking of that…

If you have the X-controller, try updating the FTDI driver on your PC.

Are you using Easel or some other G-code sender?

Have you looked into any of the threads discussing noise on the USB cable?

Howdy… I will try a different cable. This cable works fine with my other laptop…but it is worth a try. Good idea…

Thanks… Chuck

Howdy… I will check that out… worth a try…

Thanks… Chuck

I’ve had my X Carve for about 5 months, and have experienced the same issue with my Dell Laptop. I don’t think its the computer, I think my WiFi is dropping off. Gonna hard wire it to the router and see if that helps.

Often when this problem develops after a period of successful use it’s caused by the carbon brushes in your trim router wearing. Check those?

Howdy Will… That can’t be the problem. Brand new X1000 with the dewalt. Only about 6 hours on it.

Thanks… Chuck

Howdy Avery… Sounds like that might be the problem. I think I will get a long ethernet cable and run it out to my garage. It can’t hurt even if that isn’t the problem. Let me know how you made out.

Thanks… Chuck

Howdy… I just read that being connected to the internet is not needed during the carve after it is loaded and the xcarve is carving…is that correct?

That is correct, internet access is only required for opening/editing/saving in Easel.
Once loaded and carving all is handled locally and no internet is required.

If I understood correctly, carving with your old laptop works fine. That indicates it’s not a problem with your xcontroller or your cables etc, but with your laptop. I would try some things at first:

  • update Windows USB drivers
  • externally powered USB hub (may your USB port is not the same quality as the one from your Asus)
  • switch USB energy safe mode to disabled (be careful here. It’s a separate option in the device manager for the USB root hub and not part of the general energy saving options)
  • manually changed the baud rate of used COM port in Windows to 115xxx (was 9xxx at my system) <- this one should not matter, since your gcode sender should apply the correct settings…but you never know
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