Computer keeps crashing during carving

Hi and happy New Year.
I bought a refurbished Lenovo to run the x-carve. It’s not a super duper machine, but I figured enough to run something as simple as Easel. I was wrong. The Lenovo has Windows 10 Pro installed, 4 Gigs of memory and runs a dual core 2.5 gig processor. I run Easel through Windows Explorer.

I suspect a couple of things, but want to see what others may have experienced.

  1. Lack of memory.
  2. Windows Explorer.

Any suggestions are appreciated. This is getting very annoying, as I am wasting a lot of material. (Never able to set the same XY axis when I re-run)

Use Chrome.
Check sleep and power settings.

Thanks Mark. I will give Chrome a try.

I also use a laptop to run my machine.
I have my power settings to NEVER sleep or shut down when it is plugged in with the power cord.

Thank you Sir. Yes, I did so after it crashed for the first time. I now have Easel running in Chrome, and also ordered more memory. I’ll be able to check things out next weekend.

The computer on my x-carve is an old (perhaps 5 years or older) lenovo small notebook computer running Win7. The processor is a i3 perhaps and only 2 MB of ram. I use Firefox as the browser. It never locks up, except when there is an issue with the internet. I suspect that you have an issue with your internet connection. I was depending on wifi to the unit, but would get lockups until I put a repeater in - never locked up after that. I have all of the power savers shut off and the screen saver shut off too.

Inventables claims that once carved is started internet is not required.

One other thing to check - intermittent USB connection. I had problems with that until I skipped plugging into the front of the X-Controller. I swapped out to a high quality USB cable and plugged directly into the controller board.