Computer keeps on crashing

Its restarting. No blue screen of death.

It hasn’t done that. Computer restarts and the machine just stops wherever it’s at in the carve. Which makes sense to me since no more code is sent by Easel. Though I am not sure if Essel sends it all at once or in bundles. I guess the latter since you can see hard drive activity throughout the carve.

Computer and x controller on same circuit? How about router and dust collection? Sounds like an EMI thing.
Make sure your AC power lines are nowhere near your controller or USB.
You may need to get more intentional with your management of noise and static.

I do have everything on a dedicated circuit. No lines are near the controller. I suppose I could move the dust collection on a different circuit.

And the router.

Wanted to give everyone an update.

I put the computer on another circuit and the router and dust collection run off their own circuit. Since I did that I have not had any issues, even with more complex carves such as 30x30 carves into 1/4” plywood. Computer has not quit on me once over 3 full days of carving.

That leads me to think that the noise generated by either the vacuum or the router causes an interference somewhere that the computer or network doesn’t like.

Thank you very much for everyone’s input. It been driving me nuts, and I can finally sleep again.

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Glad to hear that things are better for you!

Typically, I’ve found issues like this, or dropouts during a carve, are caused by the EMI (Electro-Mechanical Interference) from the dust collector or shop vac universal motors. They are extremely noisy motors, and cause weird problems like this one.
This can especially occur if you have the X Carve set to control your router and/or spindle motor automatically through a relay.

Most times, simply moving the shop vac/dust collection to its own power source, and making sure the motor is at least 3 feet away from the controller and computer, is the best way to solve these issues.

For me the software online keeps failing with the error message ‘This project has been modified by another instance of Easel. If you wish to keep the changes in this window, you can make a copy’. If I don’t quit out of easel I just end up with loads of copies none with any updates or changes. I have wasted so much time on this even restarting the project from scratch trying a different computer. I love to use Easel but the last few weeks have been so frustrating and I still haven’t finished a project which should have taken a few hours only. Any thoughts I would be so grateful. Am using a Mac but problem also occurs on a windows plug and pray system