Computer not connecting to controller

This may have been asked before but I cannot find it. I had a power spike and it took out my computer. The one time I did not have my surge protector in place was using it on another computer. I have since gotten a different computer installed. But I cannot connect to the controller. When I turn on the controller I can hear it sort of jog the router head but do not get the connection to the computer. Have checked the device manager and it does not even show the X-carve. At a loss. Help.

Check the com port number you are connected to and then try a different com port number. If it saves com3 try com 4 or maybe com2.

I have tried all 7 USB ports and none work

Go through x carve set up again?

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (

I had the same issue last week. I fixed it by installing the FTDI chip driver. You can find it by troubleshooting in Easel. Click on machine won’t connect it is the #9 potential causes