Computer not connecting

I just got my X-Carve delivered this past Friday. I got it all assembled and wired up. It powers up beautifully. But, my computer is not seeing the X-Carve. I installed the Easel driver and the FTDI driver. Still nothing. Wondering if anyone has experienced the before.

Thanks in advance!!!

Are you not able to see it in Easel? It’s not going to show up like an attached device on your PC.

Go to the link below and sign in
Create a new project
Set up your machine from the Machine menu at the top

If it’s all connected the Carve and Jog buttons in the top right will be green.

Easel is not connecting to it. It sits for several minutes and never connects.

Shouldn’t it show up in Device Manager somewhere?

If you’ve followed this guide and still aren’t able to connect, I would reach out to Support.

Yes, under the “ports” tree it’ll show up.

But Make sure the red button is fully retracted. Its a twist, then it’ll lift a little, then pull more and it’ll pop up more… this is the most common first power on issue…

Well. Jenna from support got in touch with me via email. She gave me a few tips to get the controller to connect with my computer. None of the ideas worked for me. I am totally frustrated and at a complete loss. I’ve downloaded, re-downloaded and re-downloaded the drivers. I’ve installed them and re-installed them. My computer (which is only a year old) does not show anything in the Device Manage that indicates that it is seeing the X-Controller.
Bah humbug.

I only ask this because it happened to me. After you download the FTDI driver…did you extract it? I downloaded it and it didn’t extract itself. In my case that was the difference to see it in a port. Both software items download compressed and need to be extracted if I recall correctly.

LOL. I know what you mean. I did extract it. It says that it installed the driver. But, still nothing.

Thanks everyone for your input and help. After a few days of troubleshooting with the support team, we found out that the USB connection, on the board, was cracked and not making a connection. The support team overnighted me a new board. We are good to go!! Let the carving begin!!