Computer requirements

Hello, I just got my X-carve today and I got the 1000mm size. What are the computer requirements I need for Easel/Easel Pro? I need a new computer so tell me what works please

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You don’t need much for computing power. I use a 2 year old one for most design work and quite an old one to run the machine.

From a recent Inventables post, I believe you need to be post Windows Vista.

Any computer running macOS, Windows or Linux built in the last 10 years will work just fine. You need a USB port to communicate with the X-Controller is that’s what you’re using to control the CNC.

I use an 11-year old Mac Mini myself. :wink:

I use a Macbook from 2009, has no issues either :slight_smile:
I do most of my design work on a iMac 27" from 2010… (Fusion360 and Easel)