Computer Selection

Hey All,

Just about to finish my assembly and looking into computer options to feed into the X-Carve. What is everyone using to drive their machines? Any successful tablet options? Any operating system(s) more successful than others? Anybody set up remote access to monitor jobs?

Should be great!


I use a Surface Pro and have no issues plugging directly into the USB port.

I picked up a Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop to run my X-Carve when it comes. The computer is supposed to arrive today, as a matter of fact. I plan on adding one of these as temp storage - SanDisk UltraFit 128GB USB 3 micro drive - to offset the small SSD. Coupled with a cheap 32" TV and a VESA mounting arm, I should be able to keep most of this system on the wall and not taking up any bench space. Hopefully, everything should work just fine when it’s my turn to fire up my X-Carve.

I have my x carve in my regular office. I just got a 20 foot USB cable and ran it to my normal desktop computer.

I ebay’d an older Mac Mini with a broken optical drive. After maxing out the ram and upgrading to an SSD it’s pretty good. It runs Easel just fine, and I’ve got it on the latest OS.

All in; computer, monitor, upgrades, etc. I was on the hook for about $500.

I bought a Gigabyte Brix to use solely to run the x-carve. I also have Team Viewer installed so I can remote in to the computer if I want to go back to my design computer and work I can monitor it’s progress and pause or stop the program if needed. I also have a camera that I can watch what is going on.

Gigabyte Brix

+1 for team viewer. I have it on my phone so can remote into my desktop and use it as a wireless remote for jogging it to zero.

I bought a super cheap refurb laptop on for about $100. Works great for the x-carve. I even got it to run v-carve desktop, inkscape, and a few other things too. Oddly, it works better than any of the other computers in my house right now…

I found that used servers go very cheap and are super reliable. I bought a 1 U server with dual quad core processors and 24 gig of RAM for $150. It is a bit overkill for running the X-Carve but it is reliable. I mounted it just under the table and positively pressured the enclosure it keep away the dust.

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Good feedback on this. Sounds likes lots of options out there!

Windows 10? Windows 7? Any OS issues I should be aware of?

Windows 10 works great, just be sure to disable to automatic updates. I have never seen an OS that tries to load so many updates.

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I use 3 different computers so it depends on what i am doing but all 3 have been used on the xcarve at some point.
Currently using a alienware laptop with win 7. The other 2 are computers built from salvaged parts one with win 10 and the other running dual boot with 2 different distros of linux. The have all worked fine with the xcarve.

Universal G-code Sender provides a web interface for pendant control.

Where’d you find a deal like that?

Just ibn our local classified ads. Here is one from today

Here’s a quick shot of the little micro Dell velcro’ed to the back of a cheap 32" TV I’m using as my monitor. I still need to clean up wires and plug in the wireless keyboard/mouse - but it should make for a very clutter-free installation when done.

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Would a chromebook work for running an xcarve? I am looking into options as well. I am hoping for something cheap in the laptop department so I don’t have to deal with monitor, mouse, keyboard all separately. Preferably it would be something that is cool enough to not need a fan.