Computer specs needed

Hi new here just ordered my xcarve today. I have 3d printers but new to cnc routers. I need to get a computer to run the x carve but need to know computer specs needed? Think I will use sketupucam and universal g code creator.

I run my old p4 too slow for anything else. I’m running Windows Xp, clean my install. No antivirus, just Java to run UGS. I bring Gcode on a thumb drive.

A cheap windows laptop will work fine.

A $200 machine is fine

Ok thanks, was not sure If I need alot of ram and processor speed for G code software.

If you have internet access on the x-carve and design computers, you can use Dropbox to transfer the files between the computers. Much easier and less error prone than using thumb drives.

I use Google Drive to transfer files between computers. It has 15GB of free storage…the only downside is you have to wait for the files to sync up (download) before they are available, but even for large files, it still doesn’t take too long to sync.


Mine is a 14-yr old XP machine, with 2 gigs of ram… I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll work. So far i cant seem to get webGL to work with Firefox… therefore no 3d preview. I’d replace it, but I have some loudspeaker design software that isn’t compatible with newer stuff

My backup plan

Look at this on eBay

The needs of the X-Carve are minimal, but the programs you use might need more (like a good video card). SketchUp requires a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or higher. A 2+ GHz processor, 8+ GB RAM, 700MB of available hard-drive space and a 3D class video card with at lease 1GB of memory and supports hardware acceleration. Ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL version 3.0 or higher and is up to date. If you’re starting from scratch then just remember that as software needs advance to newer versions, the requirements of the computer will increase. Plan for what you need tomorrow, not today.