Computer won't acknowledge my cnc

USB connection broke off of the motherboard of cnc, so I replaced it. My computer and cnc don’t seem to be acknowledging each other. I haven’t used the machine for almost a year. Do I need to do some updates?
This rookie needs some help/suggestions!
Thanks Lorilea

I suspect that your cable or the USB that you replaced is still bad. You said that the USB broke off the motherboard of the cnc - so you are not using the X-Controller that is in a metal box? What control board are you using?

I have attached a picture of my cnc controll board showing the part of the usb part that fell off, so I replaced
the entire blue chip with usb plug. I use it with my laptop. The cnc is from Linksprite with ardiuno.
Any suggestions are welcome, as I don’t have a clue what I am doing. I just got the hang of using Easel Inventables to make a few things and then it broke, so I will have to re-teach myself again.

The arduino? Maybe an Arduino nano?

You’ll have to load GRBL on it.

cnc (847.6 KB)

I will look into that tomorrow, thanks.

I have had GRBL on my laptop previously, so are you thinking I need to do an upgrade or because of the new blue USB chip?

Yup, that’s an Arduino nano.

Grbl is the firmware on the controller, not on your PC. Yours probably just had a little led that blinks on and off when you hook up the USB…it needs to have the firmware installed.

The “little blue chip with the USB” is the arduino. It controls the machine.

It would be awesome if there was someone here local to work with in person when these things happen, but I truly appreciate this forum for help from people like yourself.
Have a great evening!

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