Computer won't connect to x-carve

My computer won’t connect with the x-carve. After reading several posts in the forum I updated my computer, replaced the cord that connects the computer to the x-controller, checked all my connections to make sure they are clean and tight, but still the computer isn’t recognizing it is connected to the x-controller. I hear the fan running in the controller. Please be kind. I’m a fairly new user so I’m new to some of this jargon.

Did you push in the Emergency Stop button? If so you need to turn clockwise and pull it back up.

Sadly, that’s not the issue. That was the first thing I checked. I also followed the instructions on the trouble shooting page about installing a file, restarting the computer, and only using google chrome to run easel.

Did you go through the xcontroller machine setup?

Is this a new X-Carve?
Did it work with a different computer?
The more you tell us about your set up the more likely it is that someone will have had the same problem.

I got it to work! I had one last update to install in my computer then a restart and they finally started talking to each other! Thank you all.


Awesome, congrats. Good Luck

What was it you had to update, I am now having the same problem you had