Confirm Home Position Question

Newbie here. Assembly complete and everything is in working order. The only issue seems to be in “moving bit to work zero” and “conforming home position” in Easel. When I do so there seems to be subtle (but large enough to make a sizable difference in cut) discrepancies in the height that the z-axis is recording as zero. This is because I “jog” the z-axis down to the material top and it will either land just off the top or press fairly hard onto it it seems. It might be perfect one time but I can’t find a way to consistently make the bit rest “just so” on top of the material so that the depth is correct in my carves (it’s either too deep or too shallow most of the time because of this) I know this is fairly straight forward stuff but I can’t seem to find an answer.

Try ordering Charley Thomas’ Triquetra. It allows you to zero all three axis at the same time. And he is a great guy to boot.

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Also if you look just under the jog keys in the “carve” screen you can adjust the movement to whatever you need. If one of the presets doesn’t fit your requirement then you can type in any number you want.

Are you doing the last .010" or so of the Z-zero positioning in no more than 0.001" increments?


Thanks everyone! And that’s exactly what I needed to do: decrease the size of the increment of the jog down to the material surface.

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