Confirm work zero

A couple of days ago I ran a project on scrap wood to prove it. Today after making a few edits, when I entered the CARVE sequence after the Confirm Bit Size page, it went to a page I have not seen before - Confirm Work Zero. This page has two options, first is “use new position” the second is "use last position’. No matter which I chose, the next page is not the usual Probe page, but is the one for turning the router on and carving. I don’t understand!

The Z-Probe page should appear before the confirm XY zero page. This should have 2 options - Z Probe and Manual Probe

If you’re not seeing the Z Probe option (after confirm bit and material is secure) check your machine settings to ensure you’ve told Easel you have a z-probe. (Machine > Edit your Machine)

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Thank you, that did it. The computer must have hiccupped, because I had not been on that page to make any changes. Turning on the Z probe was the answer.


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