Confused about graphics

can anyone look at this and explain why the gray portions of this logo just carve all the way through the depth of the wood when I have it set to .25 inches? It is an imported svg but looks like it will do the same thing when I converted it to .jpg.


I stopped the last carve because it looked like it was exceeding the .25 inch depth and when I measured it, it was about .45 inches. I will adjust the depth to .07 though and try again. Could there be something that would cause the z axis to miscalculate depth? I’d rather not ruin a good piece of walnut. I can effectively had the pocket it carved in the middle of another project that Im gluing together, but don’t want to make a habit of wasting good wood.

It has been set up for a year but used sparingly. I don’t recall doing a steps per inch calibration, just the machine setup and test carve. Where do I find that calibration? Thanks and sorry if that’s a silly question, I just don’t recall seeing it.

Make sure your machine setup has the right Z screw listed. The two standard options have different thread counts. It may have been reset to a default which doesn’t match your Z screw.

Thanks, Tyler it’s set up with the ACME which is correct. I ran the calibration carve and I’ve got some kind of drifting going on.

I checked everything, tightened up, but it still not right. I did a different project just to mix it up and it seems to fail in the same general x-y area. Any ideas? Even when its deviates on the left side of the cut, it returns on the correct path at the bottom of the truck, to the front and back around again until it gets to the top left corner where it goes off the rails again.

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I had the same exact problem. And everyone told me the same exact thing. Check all mechanical components, pulleys belts ect. I checked everything, turned out to be a set screw backed out of one of my pullies. Keep looking, youll find some thing.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I work at a school and this is my last day before break. I purchased the x-carve upgrade kit last month and it should be delivered when I get back in January. I’ll probably just wait and tear down the machine then. I appreciate everyone’s advice the last few days.