Confused Laser and Iot Relay for SpindleControl

First, I apologize if I missed this on the forum and I will be continuing to look.

I was planning on moving my spindle control to the Spindle (1-10v) so the laser could be on PWM. However, that is not working. Am I supposed to somehow put both the IOT and the Laser on PWM or is there something I need to set to let the IOT use (1-10v). I am using PicSender and Larry’s 1.0c

Also, I won’t be offended if you link to a pre-existing thread I missed.


Based on some other post it looks like you need to connect both to the PWM some how.

Look here.

Thanks Larry, this is what I was looking for.

Sorry, to reply to this so long later. Out of curiosity, if using two IoT (one to control the router and one to control a shop vac) is there anything special I should to (Like with the laser switch) to connect two of them to run together or do I just connect the X-controller, Vac, and Router with wire nuts and call it a day?

I’m not sure how you purpose to hook things together, Can you draw me a diagram?

This is kind of what I was thinking. Thanks in advance for the help. I am wanting to improve my processes a bit over the next few weeks to get ready for Christmas.

Theoretically, that could work for the spindle side, depending on the input characteristics of the IoT relay control pin. Since you are going to use full on and full off the spindle side can act like an on/off switch.

It would not work on the laser side as you will be modifying the intensity of the laser with the control signal which would have the relay bouncing on and off.

If you have some understanding of electronics you could use some external circuitry to accomplish the functional aspect of the drawing on the laser side and the spindle side if the input pin characteristics don’t allow a direct connection.

It might be easier to use the Coolant and Mist pins if you have the ability to modify your CAM program/or post processor without the need for hardware changes.