Confused: Triquetra, PicSender, and Vcarve

After doing some repairs on my X-carve (new stock thread screw z-axis limit switch, and fixing a broken belt), I went to do my first carve with the repairs. I homed the machine, lined it to the material using the Triquetra block, and then loaded my first file from v-carve. However, when I started the cut it went away from the material and them move down further.

Picsender was in incremental mode to start. Running the Triquetra code I notice it switched to absolute and then back to incremental. Then I noticed when I ran my code I noticed it switched back to absolute.

What am I doing wrong? I have made several things using this workflow in the past and haven’t had any problems. Thanks in advance for the help.

I am going to reply. I was an idiot. Before I generated the gcode I didn’t move my xy position to the lower left hand side.


Been there, done that myself

Happens to all even if they would not admit it in public, thanks for keeping the forum real for all skill levels as my X-Carve’s biggest failures have been the operator whom had a short between the keyboard and the desk.