Connected to Machine & Ran Roughing Tool Path Flawlessly but

Hi, I have a machine that is not an Xcarve and have been using Easel Pro to create my little designs and generate gcode for a couple months now. I have never been able to connect my Machine to easel, so i have always just generated and exported the gcode out to my desktop & then sent it to my machine using the universal gcode sender. That is until today. When i messing around with a design in Easel today, i noticed a tab at the top of the screen regarding a new driver. Had no idea what it could be but i clicked it and while i didnt think anything happened, all of a sudden i noticed that the jog controls at the top of the screen where a different color than normal. I clicked on an arrow and heard my machine move! Cha Ching!! So happy and excited to be able to finally use Easel from start to finish.

I hurried to use the features. I profiled machine, pulled up my project, followed the screen prompts to run my roughing pass and Boom! Everything went perfect! Couldnt be happier… Then while i was trying to figure out how i was going to reset zero with the different bit i installed for the detail carve, i went to jog the machine, and NOOO! Now it isnt connected, wont connect & i am now back to where i started months ago with trying every which way to connect, but the system not recognizing or connecting again to my machine… And now i am right in the middle of a 3 hour carve and don’t know what to do.

It connected and worked perfectly… What could’ve happened? What can i do to fix it now and going forward? PLEASE HELP