Connecting Candle 1.1.7 on Lubuntu to X-Controller

I’ve always used Candle with Windows but my Windows PC recently died so I’ve moved over to Lubuntu on a laptop.
I’ve got Candle installed and it fires up ok but when I plug the X-Controller into the USB, Candle recognises it as ttyUSB0 but it won’t talk to the X-Controller - all the controls are greyed out.
I’ve tried all the available bitrates in the list but none make a difference.
Anyone have any suggestions on where I’m bgoing wrong please?

Is your user part of the dialout group?

sounds like you do not have permission to use the USB.
you can google for proper syntax but best I can remember I you need to run
sudo adduser “your user name” dialout

Thanks Kenneth. That worked a treat.
sudo usermod -a -G dialout myusername


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Glad to hear you got it going.