Connecting Extrusions/Makerslide to wood

Has anyone connected extrusion/makerslide based frames and mated the rails to wood in a manner which marries the X-Carve rail system to the wooden surface?

(I am NOT intending mere reinforcement or a table, but a frame which is actually bound to the wooden surface/frame).

If so, please share how you bound the railing to the lumber.

Like these?

so odd… the image didn’t load until I came back to the page. LOL

Thank you, as always. :smiley:

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Thank you, Shidoshi!!

Now that I am looking pretty hard… did you already add your “T-Tracks”? :smiley:

This will probably seem like an odd question… But, if that table could rotate on an axis to a vertical, or “upside down” position , would the brackets hold the X-Carve to that table?

For what I have in mind, that is what I will need.

I just used small pieces of aluminium angle (25mmx25mmx3mm) with suitable sized holes drilled to suit the t-nut bolt (5mm) and the anchors I used into the table top. Cheapest solution.

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Where is the frame bound to the lumber at (connection points)?

I used insertion nuts in the bottom of the “frame rails” and bolted them down with screws through the top skin of my torsion box.


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Sorry, Angus. I was attempting to as you.


Thank you so much!

A little late in finding this thread but, I simply used 1 x 3 x 3/4 inch thick wooden blocks, cut a rabbet across the 1" dimension so that there is a “tounge” that engages the slot in the base 20 x 20 makerslide, drilled a hole through the wood for a screw and once the toungue is in place, screwed the block into the tabletop holding the machine in place.