Connecting limit switches to the g-shield

I’m in the process of connecting my limit switches to the g-shield and am uncertain as to how the connection should be made. I’ve downloaded a schematic that shows how the wiring should be done. No problem there.
What confuses me is how to make the physical connection. I received metal crimp connectors that should be connected to the wires from the switches. It appears that these should be inserted into a plastic block that has a capacity of 8 connectors. What I can’t figure out is how the block makes the contact on the g-shield. I would expect that there would have been pins soldered into the shield onto which the connectors would be inserted. There are no pins on the shield, only holes through the PCB where the connection should be made.
From reading the forum posts, it is clear that many of you have successfully connected the switches. What am I missing? Do I have a defective g-shield?
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I welcome suggestions.

Looks like you missed a step…under the electronics portion of the instructions, paragraph 5 shows to solder the pins onto the g-shield.

Here’s a link to the page Erik is talking about:

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Thanks for straightening me out, fellows… Because I was upgrading from Shapeoko2 I may have skimmed over that part.
I appreciate you contributions to the forum.

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