Connecting to xcarve

finished wiring the 1000x1000 and i am trying to 5 minute setup (been 7 hours now)

i can go straight to easel and control the xcarve but i cannot finish the setup. it stays stuck at the usb and turn on … did try to carve a star. it just bounced at the edge like the y axis needs adjusted. was looking that one up and now i cannot connect to easel again… gonna restart my laptop one more time and try that. gonna set the command to move 10 inch’s to tune the pot some. if i can get it to connect again.

im at a loss have been working on this for a while now. and i am starting to get tired. its 1 am atm.

restart did nothing this time. cannot connect to easel wounder if its my internet connection(cellphone because wifi is to far away.)

The fact that you’re posting here, if on the same computer, tells me it’s most likely not internet connection. Are you using a 64 bit machine, USB 3.0? I had a problem with that, went to USB 2.0 and that fixed connecting to the machine for me anyway.

i am on my garage laptop.(toshiba) win 7 home prem 64 bit 2.0 usb ports. few years old nothing fancy. was like 400 bucks brand new. i spent the last 3 days assembling. i cant really carry this thing inside to test it with my desktop. wounder if there is a program thats easy to start with that would allow me to control the xcarve for now until i can get it connected.

i am going to bed. i will try again in the morning. hope it is something i am tired enough to overlook…

did work for a minute kind of y axis didnt move much and z plunged to far but thats to be looked at AFTER i can get it set up right in easel.

Would it be worth it to upgrade to 8 or 10?

Stay way, way away from 8. Windows 10 is actually pretty darn good. Sounds like your machine is capable. It actually seems to run faster, use fewer resources and boots quicker. For the most part it was a painless upgrade on several of my Windows 7 machines. There is always the possibility that something will not work even if that is small. One of my Toshiba laptops had a problem with a Toshiba application that stopped the DVD drive from working after the Window 10 install until I uninstalled the offending S/W. For my XCarve all of my Windows 10 computers instantly recognized the XCarve. Of course you might have to re-install the local Easel. And Windows 10 is currently free as long as you already have a valid copy of Windows 7 on the machine.

i redeleted 2.3 or what ever it is and installed the 2.2 open easel and it says i need to install 2.3 before i can carve. so i am trying to upgrade to 2.3 one last time if it doesnt work i will wipe this comp and upgrade it to 10.was just hoping to have it running by now… got a few projects i wanted to do this weekend before kids get back… but looks like i will be doing them late at night. good thing the neighbors are far enough/use to me working over night…(3 years of doing it and they havent said anything and have told them if i am to loud or anything lemme know and i will try to do something else for the night.)

I’m guessing it never recognized the 2.2 install. Probably shouldn’t re-install 2.3 while you are using Windows 7. Someone that has come across this error needs to comment.

well i reinstalled 2.3 and it made a cut… now it is not reconizing the xc again…so i am downloading win 10 atm.

first cut was with the messed up pots being to low. 2nd cut i put zero to far up 3rd cut was in the middle of the scrap piece i have. cut the star out. worked fine so i tryed to drill the holes again and cannot connect to easel. so upgrade it is… if all else fails i will get a new computer.

Windows 10 failing to download… Garr one thing after another fighting meh.

Did you try the standard upgrade button or did you try to download Windows 10 to copy to a USB or DVD. The standard upgrade button just does some stuff and then lets you know much later that the upgrade is ready. Sometimes days later. Then there is a download now version that I copied to a USB and can be used immediately. You can get that version here:

i tryed the standard then the one from the web and now i am gonna try the usb download lol

To be clear I think the link is lower on that page. Read the stuff about creating a USB.

Progress 30% sure is taking its time.

got win 10 to download at 1am this morning… and finished at 9am tryed it at 10 am and all works…

had it drill all of its holes i wanted for the clamps. i will be using larger then 3 inch pieces so i went 5 inch apart. then i sealed the mdf after putting the inserts in from the bottom side. i did not counter sink them as i didnt think it was actually necessary.

then cut out a 3 inch by 18 sign that says the man cave. just to get it to run for a lil while and see how well it would do. (how square i got everything) 1 inch plank and 3/4 inch cuts. came out good. now to finish the files for what i purchased the xc for.