Connection drop

I’ve been trying to run a simple text job but I only get between 1 and 15% complete when the X Carve stops thinking it has completed. My Carve button in Easel goes blue and will only turn green if I switch off and on again the X Controller or reboot the laptop. But I have taken 10+ attempts and various basic troubleshooting steps to Carve out the number 40 so pretty frustrated.

My laptop is Windows 7 but hasn’t updated or anything since it was working fine. I noticed some comments re drivers but not sure why that would apply when all was well before. Anyone had this issue and solved it?


Try a shielded USB cable (wire strands, not foil shield)
Try a powered USB hub (USB ports may be marginal power wise)
Running a Dewalt, Makita or similar router as spindle? Try lower rpm settings.

You may be experiencing electrical noise and all pointers above have an impact.

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