Connection problem (was Piece of junk)

I ran the machine yesterday but now it tells me there is something wrong

That does not meen it is a piece of junk something is wrong. I would say something might not be set correctly.

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Reboot X-Controller and PC. If problem persists, call support on Monday - they are very helpful people.

Please reply here with the outcome, and good luck. Most folks here don’t consider the X-Carve junk.


WOW, gets one error and now the machine is a piece of junk

No kidding I got a piece of junk. I have 4 month and keep having the same problem. Oh yes it dont home out correctly either. The z axis is bent.

That’s not the only problem just the biggest problem. Not enough hole in the table. I have had to replace parts in the z axis. The z axis screw is bent. Limited on tools because of the collets.

Yes this will be the 5th time I have done this. It’s not something I want to keep doing every couple of weeks.

I try connecting in different ways and they all work sometimes … but this series of steps connects 100% of the time for me.

  1. Close Chrome and make sure its not running i any background windows.

  2. Turn on the x controller.

  3. Open Chrome.

  4. Open Easel and login.

If I do it in that order, I always get the green button in the upper right.

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The issue will be the USB cable, the USB port on the computer, or the USB port on the controller. If you are using the USB port that attached to the outside of the X-Controller, you could have an issue with that port. I did. I connected the USB cable directly to the USB o=port that is on the controller card and that resolved the issue.

Make sure you are running the latest driver. The fix in that one was related to connection issues. Easel Driver 0.3.14 released

i have the same problem with the xcarve in mac:
-Disconnect de usb.
-Close any window with easel and restart the computer.


I’m sorry you’re having problems. Here are some ideas:

  1. Change out the USB cable. Sometimes they go bad. Sometimes they are too long. Sometimes, they are not “electrical” as good.
  2. Don’t have anything else running on your PC. Don’t try to use the internet at the same time. Turn off your virus checker, like Norton, which wants to run in the background. Don’t have anything else running while you’re trying to carve.
  3. Yes, this is painful, but PAY the money and buy VCARVE. Then, you don’t have to worry about the internet or other servers causing problems.
  4. Make sure you have an UPS in the line to take care of any power glitches.
  5. Finally, you have to “chill out”.

I have had my X Carve for several years now. Yes, there was some frustration in getting going, but it and the X Controller have been good and reliable for quite some time.

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I was having trouble connecting but never hit the blue (should be green) box. When I did, I got a message on a new Easel version. After downkoad, install it connects fine again.

Just sharing in case others find useful.