Connection problems - USB not recognising

Hi, first post, pleaseD to be here and hopefully gain some insight and knowledge from everyone.

I brought an xcarve 1000mm second hand which is the older version, believe around 2015/2016. It was shown to me as working when I collected from south London. As usual with me, I got it home and didn’t touch it for a few months as I didn’t have the much in the way of spare time being a new dad at the time.

Originally the problem I had was the z axis worked fine but the x & y were slipping and the gantry wouldn’t move, after some research I decided to clean and adjust the belt tensions etc. After I had made the tweaks to the belts (I followed the online assembly instruction manual) the xcarve wouldn’t be recognised by my laptop when I plugged in the usb so I have not been able to test since. I am wondering if the problem lies with the arduino as the previous owner kept the unit outside, within a bench under a canopy which makes me wonder if the problem is dust and the moisture in the air making it stick to any tracks on the arudino thus making it stop working.

Is anyone able to assist me with this problem. Apologies if this has been posted in previous threads, any help is greatly appreciated and I will provide as much information as I can within my limited experience. Thanks in advance

OS: windows 10
Age of laptop: 2017