Connection problems

Trying to use and connect x-carve to a older laptop and cant connect.
HP Vista . Was able to load drivers… but still not seeing machine through USB.
Not sure how/ where to check/ set next.

When I first received my XCarve “little over a year ago” I had an old laptop with windows vista and it wouldn’t work, something to do with the old USB, I had to get a new one.

What about upgrading the OS to 10?
Would that work or is it physical issue with the USB/ version?

I installed windows 7 on it and it recognized the xcarve and I was able to send a job but it would only cut parts of it. I did some research and figured it was the USB port so I went and purchased a new computer and it worked great. They have a few people on here that know a lot about computers and can tell you if OS 10 will work and maybe you could get a new USB/version and that will work. I just couldn’t get it to work


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