Connection to X-Carve router turns off after every carve

My internet has not shut off at all, all cords are plugged in, everything is still turned on. But it seems like every time i finish a carve i go to start the detail carve and then “Carve” button is blue which means the X-carve isnt connected somehow. It also means i have to reset my XY zero and its obviously hard to get it perfect with my rough carve that i have just done.

I did change from my laptop to my desktop and it never gave me problems with my laptop. Could there be a setting i need to change on my desktop to fix this problem?

I had that very issue. It would only loose connection at the end of the carve.
I found a cord plug was arcing with a bad connection. changed the cord end and the outlet and the problem went away. I would have expected that condition to cause a problem at start up but it was always at the end of a carve. Never during the carve. something about when the controller shut off the router relay would trigger it.
Also check the brushes in your router, when worn they create problems.

ok thank you so much for the info and advice! ill try it out