Connector plug?

Sorry guys I don’t know much about putting this machine together since a friend did it for me. It appears that a plug ripped out. I am assuming I should order a new connector? Which part do i need? Is there a temporary fix i can do while waiting on the part?

Thanks for everyone’s help in advance!

you can remove the each a bad connector from the board by using a small tool
and then solder the black wire to the connector or you can get a new one and crimp a to the wire.

Solution as mentioned by others above. Failing that, take the bits (or the pictures) to a local electronics shop. You’ll be able to buy replacements for a few cents.

Do you guys know if I need a crimp socket and the pin?


I didn’t even hook mine up. If you don’t home your machine you done need them.

Ah. I have the Dewalt and don’t use it. I’ve been waiting for my X-Controller to show before I bothered.

Nah unfortunately the bag with the pins is completely empty which sucks. Hmm. Yeah my machine totally wont move at all so then i looked and the wire was disconnected.

I bet. My soldering skills are lacking. When I tried soldering the pins into the board I started melting things. I’m good like that lol. After I realized “this isn’t working out” I ordered the X-Controller. “That’s a whole other thread”. Figured I’d hook it up when it came in. But it appears I’ll learn how to solder by then. Lol