The green connectors won’t stay in the black box? They just pop right out?

Can you take one out so we can see what you’re inserting them in to? Is there anything on the inside of the enclosure?
EDIT: the connectors are there. Is the pcb fixed inside or is it moving around?

You have an assembly issue look at the connector at the bottom of your image. That is how the top ones should look

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I didn’t put the side m4 screws in because they were digging into the green piece.

I opened it and followed directions to slide the green piece out but the green piece won’t just slide out, and there is white residue coming off at the front?!

I will open mine later this morning to confirm, if I remember correctly when you have it seated correctly the screw is behind the board keeping it from sliding in the groove

the screw is to stop the controller board in the back.
it should not digging into the side of board.


Does it look like mine was put on backwards? Should I be worried about the white residue?

send that picture to Inventables and ask them. Steve

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@Donkeykong yeh that looks a little strange, please reach out to and we will get it fixed!

Thanks everyone. I sent the picture to inventables but they have yet to get back to me.

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