Connects to the MacBook but not the Mac mini? HELP!

  I'm having a difficult time with X controller connecting to my Mac mini .. heres the catch though, it connects to my Mac book pro just fine. I thought it was the Mac mini I was using so I brought one home from work to give it a try and it turns out its both of them. the Mac book and Mac mini(s) are running the same version of os. I'm extremely confused and a bit frustrated considering I bought this Mac mini just for the x carve. 

  I'm running a new 1000mm x carve with the x controller and all drivers are installed and updates taken care of. I've tried rebooting , unplugging and all of that fun stuff. I've carved a half of dozen things using the laptop and all have turned out wonderful, now if I can just take that into my office where it belongs and out of my garage I would be extremely happy. 

can anybody help? Please?

Sorry bud, dont know anything about a Mac. I know on a PC older versions of windows you need to download USB drivers so it acts as com ports.

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Are both on the same OS version?

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That doesn’t mean anything.

Post the serial numbers of the MacBook Pro and the mini so specs can be checked.

I run my machine via a mac min without any problems

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After a short call with support , turns out by using a hub (powered or non) it works just fine… don’t know why this is but that was my work around… thanks for the help everyone!

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