Considering buying an X-Carve, but is it accurate enough?

I am considering buying the new 750mm X-Carve.

One of the things I would like to do is make t squares etc for woodworking from plastics. (Up to 500mm in length).

Is this a realistic expectation? It doesn’t have to be NASA grade accurate, but they obviously have to be…square. That is, square to the eye with no obvious gaps with light shining behind the square up against a reference square.

Do I need to spend a lot more?

I have made squares on my x-carve before and they are accurate it all depends on how you setup your project and your machine

what is the machining tolerance that you want to hold on your squares?

I was thinking of somewhere around 0.05mm per 0.05mm X/Y… is that way beyond the capabilities after a good setup and calibration? I suppose what’s important here is X vs Y - over say a 200mm square, I wouldn’t want them to be out of step more than say 0.1 mm…

I wouldn’t be making them all the time - but this is my most accurate needed use-case scenario - in this case I wouldn’t mind going through a full recalibration process if I was going to make a couple of squares.

.05mm per .05mm ???
that’s a 45° angle.
or am I missing something?

Custom woodworking squares - one-off’s with custom designs, markings etc.

Probably not explaining myself very well - that’s a linear error measured diagonally across the produced square.

I don’t think there’s any chance that these machines are that accurate.
You have to keep in mind that (while its a great machine) its a “hobby” machine.
I think for the accuracy that you’re looking for you’ll have to spend a lot more money.

that level of accuracy is not needed for anything but tight fitting parts if you ask me. Who’s going to notice if a 50cm square sign is 1mm off? And out of all those people who’s going to care. Than said, you can certainly stick within the 0.2-0.1mm realm with an x-carve. Depends on how well you calibrate your machine, stiffness mods etc

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I disagree that the accuracy level isn’t required. I’m a woodworker primarily, with the XCarve only a small part of my shop (albeit a very cool part). I also appreciate high end hand tools. Being off 1 mm in 50 cm ( approx 1/16 inch over 20 inches) is very noticeable trying to set up any type of panel cutting and would cause difficulties in construction. Personally, if I were to purchase a custom square, I better not be able to detect that it is not square or I’m going to complain. The 0.1mm over 20 cm is on the edge of what I would consider acceptable.

Andrew, I have no idea if the XCarve is accurate enough, but do think you are asking the right questions for your intended market.


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Most of the discussions about accuracy seem to focus on the ability of the machine.

One other thing to consider is the accuracy of the material. Do you really think that you can mill plastic to a 0.05 mm tolerance and have it stay that way?

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Maybe. I think the crtical edges I would finish by sanding/buffing anyway, so it would probably possible to bring say, acrylic, true fairly quickly.

if you are using your xcarve to make the panels for say, a simple box, then you are seriously doing it wrong.

99% of Xcarve projects is signs, coasters, 1-off stuff, v-carves. All non-critical stuff.

in 99% of projects on this forum, being 1mm off would not be problematic.

Also, I never said an xcarve is limited up to 1mm. In fact I stated clearly 0.1-0.2mm. The 1mm example is merely illustrative of how people can get tunnelvision when talking about accuracy. For hobby use, this machine is more accurate than most users will ever need. The most accurate measuring tool I own is a 0.1mm gauge, which isplenty for me.

I think you may have misunderstood about the panels - I am potentially making t-squares used for woodworking. Poster was not saying to make them with the xcarve, just using that as an example. T-squares could potentially be used on said panels, referencing accuracy.

The X is awesome unless you want to go up to the 3500 mark - ps Wood is def not the same as plastic cutting!!

3500 mark?


I agree accuracy is key in anything

even something as small has a 1/32 of an inch will change the look of panels like this I finished up today