Contents List/ missing items

Hi All,

have just received my x-carve and have a few content problems,
the first being missing screws 25286-21 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 25mm used to apply tension to the belts, has this been replaced with a different length bolt?


out of my 10 eccentric nuts, 2 of them have no thread in them.

so i guess my build is on hold until I can get replacements

thanks in advance


@DerekDouglas Your best bet is to call Inventables now so they can send you some replacements. (312) 775-7009


Am from the UK, so do I call them direct or would I need to go through my supplier?

Good question! I would say the supplier, but I honestly don’t know for sure.

Thanks again, will email them and see what they say.

Were you able to get assistance from the supplier?

Spoke to Sam at inventables and they have told me to send them a list of what I am missing and they will send it out to me, so am just working through the rest of the build to make sure nothing else is missing before sending in my list.

Good deal! They have always been extremely helpful when an issue comes up! By far the best customer support I have ever experienced!

Writing as another UK based XC user, although I have absolutely no complaints about the service from Inventables imho it would be helpful if Robbosavvy stocked spares and consumables so that replacement nuts/wheels/belts could be obtained “locally”.
Even with Inventables excellent service it can take 10 days for stuff to cross the pond, clear customs and then get delivered.

Hi guys,

Slightly off topic but how long did the process take from purchase to delivery for the x carve through robosavvy? About to make the purchase and looking to line up a week off work :wink: I’m based in Ireland so I’ll add a day or two to your turnaround.

Much appreciated!

Give Robosavvy a call and see if they have stock.
I ordered an XC on a friday afternoon and it was delivered the following tuesday morning by courier.

Wow, that’s a fast turnaround time! I was going crazy waiting over 3 weeks for mine to be shipped…but that’s nothing compared to those who were part of the initial order.

Was just over 5 weeks for me, ordered it online, a week later they contacted me and said that the spindle had been replaced and had to pay extra for the 611, if I was to do it again I might look into ordering direct and paying the shipping and import tax, might work out cheaper as you would not order the spoil board as am sure you could probably source a mdf board cheaper.

Don’t get me wrong I was not dissatisfied with robbosavvy, but they had none in stock so had to bring one across. But you also don’t get a choice with your build as they sell set systems.