Contouring 2" thick aluminum with 1/2" cutting edge?

Is this even possible? If it is, what considerations should i take? its going to be a narrow slot that will be machined out and id like to avoid binding my end mill and snapping it off.

2 flute coated tool, small doc, air and vacuum, and lube the endmill with wd40 or 3-1 oil. There’s a guy on the carbide 3D forum that cuts aluminum on his shapeoko, and uses a homemade drop oiler system that seems to work great.

awesome thank you!

This is a cheap an easy addition for your aluminum milling. Keep the psi at about 30 and it will blow all your chips away. Has built in misting, but I just use a single squirt of wd40 now. With a 2 flute coated tool and air, oil probably is not necessary if you want to avoid the mess.

Awesome thank you! I’m actually going to order one of these now.

While you are at it… this little kit, will snap into that lock line fitting (you will cut the hose and push it into the connector on the mister you just ordered), and the other end will connect to your compressor.