Control buttons on the X-Controller

Do the control buttons on the X-Controller “time out”?

Here’s what happened. Yesterday I paused a carve to get rid of some debris, re-started, no issues. I did a detail pass on a project later on and when completed I noticed the bit had broke. I then started to redo the detail pass… This time I snapped a belt on the y-axis so the y movent was a slight bit jerky when I discovered it. I immediately passed the X-Controller and swapped out the belt. When I went to restart, it did nothing. My laptop screen was dark, moved my mouse and Easel was asking me how the carve turned out like it thought the carve was finished.

Does the pause function “time out”, or is there a sequence to hitting the buttons on the X-Controller that we might not be aware of? Not sure how I hit the buttons the first time when the function worked properly, but I know the second time I first hit “pause”, then to restart Ihit the arrow or “go”… Did I mess up? Should I have hit the “pause” button again, essentially “un-pausing” the action??? There are no instructions to use these features, so any input would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at this thread to see if it helps:

@AngusMcleod… My laptop always goes dark during a carve, but, it is a simple move of the mouse and Easel is brought right back up, more of a power conservation thing I guess, even though it’s plugged in to power. This time however, you are right, the laptop went into a sleep mode, I had to re-enter my pin to re-activate it. This is typical on my laptop, it does this after every carve is completed if I’m not at the laptop right away.

@LarryM… So if I read that correctly my assumption that I need to hit the pause button again to unpause is the correct sequence? My understanding of what I read there was the command changes for that button after the first command is executed, correct?

I was having the same thing happen with either the lap top or the desk top went into power man: and turn “off” the sleep mode , if don’t want the monitor on in a long job I just turn it off and do the same with the lap top using fuc key and screen key

Another problem I have had with my laptop… Had Windows 10 with automatic updates enabled. Every Wed night the system would download updates and if the update required a restart to install, all of my programs would be terminated with the system rebooted.

If you have a mac, click on the Apple logo, go to system preferences, energy saver, and then you can toggle the options so it will not go to sleep

I don’t have the X-controller, and so I don’t know how it’s wired up.

Maybe someone who has one can answer that question for you.

With the Arduino/gShield the pause(feed hold) and resume(cycle start) are different buttons.