Control X-Carve Pro with UGS 2.0.14

Hello everyone, I have been trying to connect to UGS with my X-Carve pro. even though it show that I am connected I am unable to run the setup wizard. It says that GRBL is connected then it tells me “The Setup wizard does not know how to configure this type of controller. It needs to be configured manually”. Now the current firmware that the x-carve pro is running is firmware Grbl 1.1h-XCP.20220314, not sure if this is the problem.

Also, if it does need to be configured manually, how do I do this?

What do you need to perform the setup wizard for?
Unless the calibration of movement is off i dont think youd need to do any setup in ugs.

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It shows the it is connected, the orange plug is orange, but I am unable to control the X-Carve Pro. In the controller State it shows it is connecting.

Why UGS?

Try gSender. Really easy install and usage.

The latest Xcarve Pro grbl firmware changes the baud rate from the 115,200 which is the standard for grbl controllers to a much slower 4500 baud rate setting. This is not compatible with UGS and needs to be changed back to 115,200 in order for UGS to connect fully to the controller… I suggest contacting inventbles tech support an request they put your cnc back to 115,200 baud rate.

It is beyond me why they chose to make this baud rate change to all machines as a sort of bandaid for an issue that effects only a small batch of machines that they really should have recalled and fixed the electronics of… rather than push this baud rate change.

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