Controler not coming on

i was parking my machine and it wouldnt stop bouncing i hit the emergency stop turned it back on but had no power is there a resect button on the controler

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Pull the E stop up and twist it.

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thanks wayne i did that nothing happened so i played with it can get the power light to com on but will not stay on . do they sell new e stop

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I am sure they do but it is hard to think by using it once that it is shot.

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I 100% agree with that assesment @WayneHall

@TimVicario you might want to open the Xcontroller and verify the internals are good before ordering a new E-Stop Button/Switch. The E-stop uses a snap in switch that could, possibly, come loose if smashed hard enough…
Here’s some documentation on the Xcontroller that way you’re not going in totally blind. :smiley:

thanks to all for your help . i had to leave the next day after the post. just git home took the e stop apart cleaned it up found the button on the switch was stuck. again thanks to all


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