Controller alarms

Having issues… First Z axis would not respond correctly, went ahead and upgraded to direct drive Z axis. Now trying to reconfigure machine, used a free day for Easel Pro, it wont let me delete machine and set up new machine. Went into machine inspector and got the following below. I am dead in the water. What am I missing?


Have you homed the machine?
Or send $X to unlock.

When I try to home the machine it seems the motors are locked up.I dont know how to clear or unlock.

I figured out how to unlock without homing. X & Y axis operate correctly but Z is backwards and doesnt go down to surface. This is the same problem I had before the upgrade. I check my wiring, connections looked good. Might have to check resistance for a broken wire?

Can you share your $$ GRBL settings?

I don’t know how to do that. I am just a hobbyist with no training in CNC language.

Sorry @JimMaag, I’ve seen you around here for a while, but I guess until you need to do it there might not be a need to do it.
Simply send $$ in the console once connected to the machine. It’ll report back with your settings that go from $0 to $132 or more depending on the firmware.

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