Controller disconnects when router turns on... May have a solution?

Not sure how many people have this issue, but often when I try to begin a carve through easel, all goes well until it wants to turn on the spindle, and when it does so, my IOT Relay clicks on, spindle (Dewalt DWP611) turns on, and then the X-Controller disconnects from the computer leaving the router spinning idle until the USB is unplugged and plugged back in in resulting in the need to rezero and start over. Sometimes this happens over and over, sometimes it doesn’t at all. Oddly if i manually turn on the router, I don’t generally have problems.

Now for my setup, its a 1000x1000 X-Carve w/ X-Controller, DeWalt DWP611 for a spindle, no limit/homing switches, and an IOT Relay for automatic spindle control. Prior to this, I’ve tried putting ferrite beads on a variety of different cables, USB cable with dual ferrites, trying to route my wires more separated etc.

So I’ve been racking my brain trying various things i’ve found on this forum, and ended up on a competing forum (Shapeoko) and some of my questioning was verified. It seems as though the router is creating some interference (obviously), and i’m thinking grounding may help (as the DeWalt isn’t grounded…). I’ve only briefly tested this, I will need to mess with it more after work, but i’ve added a ferrite bead to the router power cord (the one that comes on it is actually an anti theft tag just fyi), and i’ve grounded the case of the router to the mains power using an additional plug. If this works well, I will rewire the router with a 3 conductor cable.

Basically i’ve created a temporary copy of (not sure how some people feel about linking a competing products forum?)

Just want to share in case this helps anyone else out, or if anyone has thoughts about what I’m doing… Will followup on how well this continues to work for me.

Did you try plugging your dewalt into a separate circuit? Not just another plug but a different breaker. And how is your dewalt power cable run? In the same drag chain?

Tried different circuits, still sporadic failures. DeWalt cable is zip tied to existing chain.

Yes :slight_smile: the IOT relay is performing as it should, some feedback is causing the controller and computer to lose connection though. Grounding shields I have not messed with at this point. Seems like that was more commonly an issue for end stops and all my stepper movements are spot on. I am NOT taking this off my list of options though.

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I’ve tried 4 different cables thus far from my random pile to name brand new name brand ones.

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Did you try bonding (connecting electricly) xcontroller to computer

Do you mean case to case? I was considering that earlier.

Can you elaborate as to why? AC next to a logic circuit makes sense to me, just curious on the steppers.

I understand, just curious what that would be affecting in my case.

Looks like I’m still having the issue sometimes, but much less often! I plan to rewire the DeWalt with a 3 wire plug near the router itself for ease of maintenance/other use, ground the shields on everything, and not sure what else yet.

In the meantime I have a method that has been 100% successful, and that is manually turning the router off, then preparing to carve so it turns on the IOT relay, manually flipping the router on, and then it runs no problem! And shuts off when finished which is key for me.

Anyways, I’m due to go through and tension my belts and give everything a once over and tweak my wiring and such but overall its a good machine!

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And with that Wikipedia link, its the part where it mentions the Data Path…Thats what i’m not seeing. I appreciate your post, but I do understand induced currents and noise and a lot of that stuff, I’m looking for something more specific. I appreciate all contributions, but at this point I’m just chasing all various options.

Explain why occasionally if I leave my router on and the IOT relay kicks on, the controller disconnects, but if i turn the switch on the router itself off, let the IOT relay kick on, then turn the Router on it’s fine (100% of the time)? No change in wiring…

May be an issue with the IOT relay switch, or signal to relay switch related to inproper debouncing.
Just a couple of cents worth…

@HaldorLonningdal - I hadn’t thought of debouncing on the IOT, interesting idea.

@BobJewell - Perhaps. I don’t quite see where I’m looking for non existant problems, I’m just trying to solve possibilities.

@PhilJohnson - Interesting. I’ll try it before long and see if it helps.

@RobertCanning - IOT Relay is as far away as my placement would allow, about but only 12-18" with cords seperated as best I can

Same here, not to say it couldn’t happen. Honestly if my method of turning off before starting and then flipping the router on before I hit the final Carve button, then I’m ok with that, no worse that some of the mills I use at work.

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Sorry I’ve been tied up with a multitude of projects lately.

What do you mean check the output of the relay trigger? The relay operates correctly, I’m still using it so it will shut off the router when completed. I just turn it off before I begin the carve, then it prompts blah blah turn the spindle on, relay clicks, I flick the switch, and it goes 100% of the time. Then when finished it turns off the relay and as such the spindle, so works similar to the Prototrak Mill I use at work sometimes hah!

Automatic spindle control was setup in the initial setup when I first started using the machine, I will have to look and see if there are any specific settings though.

Yes X-Controller.

any luck with this? my carve looses connection 1/25 times when turning spindle on via iot relay

I always turn off my router itself before I tell it to turn the spindle on, then after the relay has clicked on I turn the router on. No issues long as I do that. But no actual solution…

Well let me just jump in here…
I have been battling the very same issues as Thomas is right now.(along with many others)
Everyone on this forum has been very helpful in trying to resolve my issues, even Inventables has been working with me and just last week sent me a modified control board to try out.
So with the new control board installed, I started running some “air” carves.
In doing so, I had the Spindle and the dust collector turned off. (I don’t want to listen to the noise if I dont have to)
The machine ran perfectly for hours. ( ran at least 6 programs back to back)
So then I decided to run with the spindle and dust collector connected through the IOT relay.
My first program ran fine until it came to the end and the relay shut down the spindle and dust collector.
When I started to the run the next program, the controller was disconnected again.(and I had to start all over again)
So this time I unplugged the dust collector from the relay and left the spindle plugged in.
hit the start button and everything worked fine.
So as a “test” I plugged the dust collector into the relay WHILE the machine was running.
When I did, the machine turned off and I lost connection again.
So this time I went through all the motions for set up and started running again.
While the machine was running I plugged the dust collector into another outlet (although on the same circuit)
No problem everything kept running perfectly.
I then plugged in and unplugged the dust collector several more time during the carve with no issues.
Then (during the same carve) I plugged the dust collector back into the IOT relay and bang, everything shut down again.
Bottom line, I think there is an issue between the IOT relay and the X controller.
Sorry to write a book, but there are a number of people out there that have these same issues and I hope that my experience will help someone else.
I have also promised to report this weekends findings to Inventables also.

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Yup, you’re right.
I just looked and the IOT is rated for 12 amps.
My dust collector is 8 amps and the DWP 611 (I believe ) is 7 amps.
Ok, time for a new relay.
Anyone have a suggestion?

I don’t recall that suggestion. but if it was made I’m sure that I tried it.
I had so many problems that it was confusing.
With the new board, I have a good feeling that the problems are resolved.
I am currently running the machine.
If this relay cant handle both the spindle and my dust collector, then I want a new one.

I don’t mean to hijack your thread.