Controller for dewalt 611

Is there a controller for the dewalt 611 or only the stock inventables spindles

It depends on what you mean controller.
You can get a relay to turn the 611 on and off but I don’t know of a nice way to control the speed. Most people turn the speed all the way down or up just a little from the lowest setting and leave it.

There are a lot of posts on the relay. I’ll let Phil send his usual response with the pretty picture :wink:

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The Dewalt has an integrated speed controller. It is a manual setting and usually only needs to be set to speed 1 and left alone. All you can do, as previously mentioned, is turn it on and off.

There is a SuperPID (search for it) that modifies the Dewalt to make it act more like a spindle with Xcontroller RPM control but that will void the Dewalt warranty and is not necessarily for novice users.


There’s a bit on each of the options here: — we’d be glad of more.