Controller problem

So suddenly today my controller wont work.
The fan comes on but the green light on the front doesn’t com on.
The software doesn’t see it.
Any thoughts??

Does it make a chime when you plug in the USB?

Hi Neil,
Thank you for the response.
No it does not.
The fan comes on but no green light on the front panel.

So now I feel like a dumb ■■■.
For some reason the E stop was pushed in.
It works fine.

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Welcome to the community @JanVanderlinden!
Don’t feel bad. All the beginners make that same mistake!

Yeah, but after 6 years I shouldn’t be a beginner any more.
Just don’t feel vey smart right now.
Thank you.

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That was why I made the wink face. I’m aware you know your stuff… Just joking around.